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Breast Explant

Breast Explant

Breast Explant

Dr. John Rowley, is a board certified plastic surgeon in Phoenix, Arizona.  He is one of the leading plastic surgeons in the state of Arizona and specializes in breast explant surgeries.  He has been on the leading edge of the most advanced procedures for explant surgeries.  He takes a consultative approach and keeps the patience informed every step of the way. There are a variety of reasons as to why a patient would decide to remove her implants and sometimes it may be necessary to ensure the entire capsule is taken out. Dr. Rowley will ensure that he will do what is best for his patient.

In order to better inform our patients and the recent information about Breast Implant Illness (BII) we have compiled a list of FAQ’s that would better assist you prior to your consultation.


What is the difference between En Bloc Capsulectomy and Capuslectomy?

The main difference is that with the en bloc capsulectomy, Dr. Rowley we will remove the entire scar capsule and breast implant as one piece. Whereas in a standard capsulectomy, the capsule can be removed in sections and this might expose surrounding tissue to the contents of the implant pocket.

What are the Pathology choices I have?

Patients are able to have all tissue tested for pathology. We are able to do gross pathology testing on the capsule. We are also able to do cultures for mold, yeast, fungus, and bacteria from the capsule itself.

Does my insurance cover the cost for the Pathology testion?

Pathology testing fees are directly tied into your insurance. Since we do not take insurance, these fees will be separate and will depend on each individuals own insurance plan and deductible. Please check with your individual insurance carrier for specific pricing.

Can I get my implants back?

Yes, you can certainly have your implants back if you DO NOT send them to Pathology. If you request them back, they will be sanitized and given back to patient within a week of surgery. If you decide to send them to pathology they will be tested and unavailable from that point forward.

How is Pain Managed with the surgery?

Dr. Rowley uses various options depending on the patients needs. We offer oral medication, Anti-inflammatories and patients can also choose from an intercoastal pain block (we use Exparel; which is an additional charge).

Will I have drains?

Yes, a small drain was placed in the space where the implant had been located. These drains can typically be removed within 2-5 days.

Will I have a compression wrap?

Yes, you will have a compression wrap which will be placed over a sports bra that Dr. Rowley will provide.

Are there any special pre-op labs I will need to have?

Currently we request a mammogram along with a Covid Test prior to the procedure.

When will my Post-Op Visit be?

Dr. Rowley likes to see patients within 2-5 days post-op contingent upon when the procedure took place.  A post op appointment will be scheduled prior to your surgery date.

Will I have my procedure filmed, or photos taken?

Dr. Rowley always take before pictures in addition of the implants and capsules.  The photos will be uploaded into your profile and possible used on Dr. Rowley’s website.

What are my exercise/lifting restrictions?

As a general rule, Dr. Rowley suggests to not lift over 20+ lbs. for at least 3 weeks post-op.   As your recovery and follow-ups continue, Dr. Rowley is always wanting his patients to get back to regular activity, however, he wants to ensure you have a speedy recovery.  Make sure you listen to his direction post surgery.

Am i able to share my pictures post Op?

Yes, you can share any information you want. To ensure patient privacy, we adhere to HIPPA processes and procedures and do not share any photos or information without patient consent.

Does Dr. Rowley check lymph nodes?

Dr. Rowley only does a lymph node inspection if the implants have been ruptured or there is clear evidence of lymph node enlargement preoperatively.

Does Dr. Rowley charge a consult fee for prior to deciding to move forward with my surgery for the explant procedure?

Yes, Dr. Rowley charges a fee of $75.  This amount will be applied to your surgery if you decide to move forward with the procedure.